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Mission, Vision, Goal &

What we believe


We envision a world of high-integrity Christians whose cultural influence is seen as an asset in America.


We coach Christians in discerning media that supports the integrity of their discipleship.


Our goal is for Christians to enjoy entertainment in ways that are both uncompromising and aspirational. 

We Believe​ Jesus is

The Way



We believe in the Holy Trinity and that Jesus is God himself.

We believe that every word and parable from the mouth of Jesus should be adopted as guiding principles useful for decision-making in everyday life.


We adhere to the core principles of the National Association of Media Literacy Education.


We believe that the influence of those who follow Jesus can change the world for the better.


We value the points of view and media content created by those with diverse educational, economic, political, religious, social and ethnic backgrounds.  


We appreciate the fact that media literacy is an ongoing process and that life change during one's discipleship happens over time.

About Director


I'm LaTroya Hester and I'm glad you are taking steps to learn more about how media literacy can strengthen your walk with Jesus.  I believe these workshops will give you a useful set of tools to help you lead a life of greater integrity.

As a professor of mass communication and a communications professional working in behavior change, media influence is my world. But most of us--even Christians-- are pretty convinced that we aren't influenced by much of anything. Because of this, we don't have the tools to guard our spirits against messaging that is contrary to our values.


I decided that people in the church needed to learn the basics of media literacy (which is already being taught to school-age kids everywhere). More than that, I decided that I was going to teach the church to understand how entertainment media influence our decisions, our discipleship and the direction of our culture.

I currently work full time for a national nonprofit and I double as an on-call life coach for a toddler and a first-grader. 

The Director

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