Your iPhone has more influence on you than your friends do. 

Media Woke is Christ-centered media literacy designed to help you keep your flavor even when pop culture tries to water you down. All Media Woke workshops give you the skills to evaluate entertainment media in order to guard against influences and move you toward Jesus and your faith goals. We teach you about how media works so that you can apply wisdom in your entertainment choices and in your everyday discipleship. This almost never means cutting off Netflix and deleting your IG. We love Netflix. Being #mediawoke is about knowing the right questions to ask about media and then seeking God about being wise. 

​All Media Woke crash courses and extended workshops consist of group coaching and biblically-based personal study. 

Media Woke Learning Objectives:

  • Identify techniques of persuasion and decode media messages

  • Assign value to media based on personal guiding principals and the teachings of Jesus

  • Understand how to apply biblical wisdom to daily entertainment choices


What is

Media Literacy?

We'll make you #mediawoke.

Media literacy is the ability to access, analyze, evaluate, create and participate with messages in a variety of forms — from print to video to the Internet. It builds an understanding of the role of media in society and helps you develop necessary critical thinking skills for daily decision-making.


Most media literacy programs challenge students to analyze the ways in which media (specifically, advertising) influence what you buy, how you vote and who you stereotype. Media Woke challenges participants to consider the way in which media helps or hinders the integrity of their personal discipleship. We discuss how media contributes to Christianity's overall cultural impact and the influence of Christian media.

Media Woke adheres to the core principles of media literacy as developed by the National Association for Media Literacy Education. 

Key questions


A key component of media literacy education is asking BIG questions about the entertainment we enjoy the most. All media--movies, commercials, TV, video games, music, magazines, packaging and social media--are created with ideas, messages and values behind all of the words and audio-visuals. Simply put, all media has an agenda or a purpose embedded in them. These purposes always move you toward or away from something. 


Media Woke workshops teach you how to recognize the purpose of any media.  First we develop and examine your spiritual goals, and then we use the Media Woke questions to determine if the entertainment you're in to is moving you toward those goals.


Media Woke questions include those recognized by the National Association of Media Literacy Educators as the best starting point to becoming #mediawoke. 

If you would like to further explore my framework for the leader trainings and workshops, or to request a tailored event, get in touch with me.


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