You are the salt. But social media, music, movies and advertising can influence your beliefs—and that can water you down over time. I provide resources that teach you how to connect your media habits with your faith journey. #StaySalty 

Your Media Mind


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Social Media Life Discipleship Guide

Three Key Messages for Jump Starting Small Group Discussion, Personal Reflection & Meaningful Parenting Moments.

Ministry leaders and parents often ask me for resources for discussing how to model Christ as we live out our lives on social media (without disabling all of our accounts!). I know that starts with understanding how social media works and evaluating our own guiding  principles. Join my mailing list to get your guide right now. 

Be the Salt

and the Influencer.

There are Christian resources on almost everything: Money. Love. Careers.


But we are still ignoring the very thing that actually changes your values, beliefs, thoughts and decisions: Media.

That's no good for followers of Jesus who are supposed to be salt of the earth. Even in this media-driven culture, we are called to be the greatest influencers.

Media Woke teaches you how media work so you can be conscious enough to enjoy what you love and still guard against the stuff that influences your faith.


We provide tools and resources to help you keep that fierce faith so you can keep being you–the salt, the light, and the influencer.

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